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East Texas Square & Round Dance Association

Don’t just sit there; learn to

If you found this website as a result of your search for a place to “learn” to Square Dance, this is the spot. First, let’s welcome you to the start of a new and exciting activity. Next, if you live in the area designated as East Texas Square and Round Dance Association, which is about 25 counties in the northeast section of Texas, then there are a couple of avenues you may take.

    1) On the sidebar to the left, click the ‘ETSRDA Clubs’ page’ to locate a club near you which will have contact info for the officers of that club.

    2) Or, below are listed the officers of the East Texas Association, with contact info, and any of them will be glad to assist you in your search to “learn” to Square Dance.

    3) If you do not live in the East Texas area, then you may click here, http://www.squaredancetx.com/districts.html for the other Texas Districts. If you cannot find your location, then contact us as noted in (5) below.

    4) If you live outside Texas, search for Square Dancing in your state.

    5) You may contact the webmaster, Jim & Gwyn Haynes at DancingWithJimAndGwyn@hughes.net and we will try to help you no matter where you live, just give your city/state location. We would enjoy helping you and would look forward to meeting you on the dance floor somewhere.



Diane Doyle                                 diane71914@yahoo.com
President                                      903-764-9785 Cell-903-948-1223
                                                      259 ACR 194, Elkhart, TX 75839


Wayne & Martha Patton             mapmwp@yahoo.com
Treasurer                                       903-393-3214
                                                        826 Willowcreek Drive, Jacksonville, TX 75766

Mae McKeating                            maemckeating@yahoo.com
Secretary                                       903-790-4565
                                                        108 West Cass Street, Gilmer, TX 75644

The East Texas Square and Round Dance Association is comprised of 16 square and/or round dance clubs. There are four areas comprised of 4-5 of these clubs and represented by an Area Vice President.

The quarterly meetings are held in September, December, March and June. See ETSRDA Clubs page for meetings & visitations.

The ETSRDA publication is the Green Book , editors Jerald & Sylvia Jordan. Information for the
Green Book can be emailed to Jerald and Sylvia at jtjsaj@windstream.net

In March ETSRDA sponsors a two day square & round dance festival.